S2 E3 - Building Cohesive Teams with Scott Levy

podcast Apr 12, 2018

At the Entrepreneur Summit, our focus is on growth, and there’s no way better and faster way to scale, than to build teams.  However, it’s not just about hiring one person at a time, and hoping everyone works together.  It’s about making the right choices with each person you bring on, and then making sure your team is working together, not individually towards a goal.

ResultMaps.com‘s Scott Levy joins us on this podcast to talk about how to build not just teams, but true cohesive teams.  In this episode we talk:

  • Core rules you use when hiring to make sure you’re on the path for a great team
  • Hiring off company needs vs. personality first
  • How to get everyone to get along
  • Keeping your team focused on the greater mission, yet giving them room to do their own thing
  • Handling non-team players
  • Plus more!

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