Calvin Carter

CEO & Founder of Bottle Rocket

Session: CEO Fireside Chat

Date & Time: 12:15 pm, June 19th

About the Speaker

Calvin Carter, Bottle Rocket’s founder and CEO, built Bottle Rocket on the belief that exceptionally innovative technology redefines our lives. In March 2008, the day after Steve Jobs announced the iPhone was open to third-party developers and months before the App Store opened, Calvin launched Bottle Rocket. His visionary and entrepreneurial spirit would earn him the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2013. Calvin has pushed Bottle Rocket to become a renowned mobile and connected device specialist that connects future-focused brands to their customers through sophisticated yet simple mobile experiences. With its now more than 200 Rocketeers, Bottle Rocket has designed and developed more than 300 iOS, Android, streaming device, wearable, AR/VR, voice, and TV experiences that continue to win awards and set new standards in connecting people to what they want.


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