S1 E5 - Cheri Garcia - Getting Your Business Featured for Free & Today's Best Business Building Secret

podcast Apr 12, 2018

Cheri Garcia is one of those rockstar entrepreneurs who will figure it out and out hustle anyone who tries to get in her way.  She has overcome an addiction to drugs and no college education to learn the news and PR world, invent a popular product, and get over a half a million dollars of investment money for an app she helped to create.  Oh, and she jumped on an application from a guy who you might know, Mark Cuban, and ran with it to start making over $10K a month using it for her business.

Basically, she knows a thing or two about building businesses, and I’ve loved watching her rise to the top.

She will be at the Entrepreneur Summit talking about getting all kinds of free exposure from your business from PR to networking.  In this podcast she covered some of the secrets to her success.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • An insight to the PR world, and why you should use it as part of your business strategy.
  • Why press releases are a huge waste of time.
  • The three things you must have when pitching your business, and why most PR firms miss the third thing.
  • How any company can utilize PR.
  • What Cyber Dust is, and why it’s one of the best kept secrets to building your business.

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