Andrew Napper

Regional Manager, Commercial Sales at Salesforce

Session: Scaling for Growth : From Startup to $10 Billion in Sales

Date & Time: 12:00 pm, June 18th

About the Speaker

What You'll Learn:

  • Maximizing AE Productivity

  • Building a Culture of Coaching

  • Conversations, Pipe Gen, and Growth

Andrew Napper is a Regional Manager for the Commercial Business Unit at Salesforce.  Andrew plays a significant role in working with local SMB businesses in Texas to transform the way they do business by leveraging Salesforce’s state-of-the-art cloud technology. In addition to his current role at Salesforce, Andrew has worked in enterprise business development and focused on marketing technologies. Prior to Salesforce, Andrew was in the commercial Real Estate industry in the Dallas area. Andrew holds a B.A. in Marketing and Management from the University of Kentucky.

For more information on Salesforce, Please visit

George Baker Sr., Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ParkHub

The parking industry runs through our leader's blood. George has been a veteran of facility optimization, event management, and multi-million dollar parking operations since he was a teenager. With his real-world experience and Bachelors of Applied Science in Urban Planning, he has built his own brand around innovation and data informed decisions in an effort in optimizing the world's journeys. Forever a team player, his big ideas possess pragmatism and his company shares his core values.  For more information on ParkHub, Please visit

Chris Bond, President & CEO, Bluewater Learning

Chris has been transforming the Learning and Talent Management field for over 20 years through his leadership, articles, speaking engagements and consulting services. Leveraging Chris’ insights into the long-term value of learning and talent investments and the impact of ensuring business alignment with the learning and talent processes, Bluewater has helped hundreds of companies to identify and solve for talent gaps, recognizing that licenses alone do not solve business problems. By combining strategic thinking, people development, process development, user experience and the effective use of technologies, Chris has helped clients meet or exceed organizational goals that impact bottom-line financial growth and corporate success. For more information on Bluewater Learning, Please visit 


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