Peter Lisoskie

Founder and CEO, Bot Nation

Session: Openless Apps: The NextGen of the Internet

Date & Time: 2:35 pm, June 19th


Session: The Power of Chatbots

Date & Time: 2:15 pm, June 18th

What you will learn:
What is an Openless App?
  • Conversational messaging best practices.
  • Lead generation and nurturing on a mobile platform.
  • How to provide better customer service with artificial intelligence.
  • Top tips for conversions using chatbots inside the app.

About the Speaker

Peter Lisoskie is a geek and innovator holding 12 patents and developing over 400 products with his teams in the areas of computers, consumer products, bioscience, biomedical, test and measurement, software, and digital as a Division Manager for Hewlett Packard, VeriFone, and Nike.

While at Nike, developed the first Virtual Reality glasses in the world.

Lisoskie currently runs a business incubator (inViral) and is founder of BOT//NATION where he’s innovating creating a new technology called Active Attention Design (A2D™) that includes animation, neuroscience, conversation, and full software development.

Having over 16 years of experience in neuroscience and brain research, Lisoskie authored 2 books and a course called The Buying Mood Blueprint to teach people how to apply neuroscience to leadership, marketing, and bot conversations. Lisoskie hangs out with neuroscientists, animators, ai, and block chain experts and has been known to write a line of code or two if it brings a product to life. To learn more about Peter and his company, go to:


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