Lin O'Neill

Futures Consulting

Session: The Absolutely Perfect Way To Ensure Cultural Continuation As You Scale

Date & Time: 3:00 pm, June 18th

What You'll Learn:
  • Effective Scaling of your business requires attention to Culture Building AND Renewal
  • Rotation is one of the Keys to Effective Culture
  • S/Hero Identification is the easiest way to transfer Culture
  • Onboarding is not a rote process
  • Whether you plan it—or not—you get the culture you build!

About the Speaker

Lin O’Neill is a speaker who inspires radical transformation. With clients, she demonstrates and guides the incorporation of strategic plans into the everyday decisions of their organization.  She has led strategic planning teams for Fortune 100 companies and a variety of not-for-profits, Lin has coached multiple CEO’s and E.D.’s in strategic plan development, facilitated strategic planning as part of major negotiations and aided small businesses and organizations as they work to develop their strategies and incorporate this process into their day-to-day operations.

Lin’s experience spans numerous industries and includes Operations, Consulting and HR.  She is a former Vice President and Corporate Officer for Continental Airlines, where she operated a $300MM division with responsibility for several thousand employees and a former HR Director for TRW where she had both national and international HR responsibility.  While living in California, Lin founded Futures Consulting and Sakred Cow Enterprises.  Since returning to Texas, she has founded Entrepreneurs Dallas, Entrepreneurs Fort Worth and re-branded Futures Consulting as Oneill Enterprises.                                      

In addition to her speaking and consulting, Lin is currently serving as:

Lead Faculty for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program at DCCCD and for the National (Blended) 10,000 Small Businesses Program

DFW Instructor for the SBA’s Emerging Leaders (e200) and ISC for Interise’s 9-city Alumni   Pilot Program

GDHCC’s Instructor for the ScaleUp program

Advisory Board Member for Bold Entity and CVAL Innovations LLC

Advisory Board Member, the Network Bar

Member, S.M.U.’s Associate Board

Member, Board of Governors, Tower Club Dallas

Board Member, TeXchange Dallas

Board Member, North Texas Ethics Awards


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