Kurt Kelley

CEO, Excelerated Technology Consulting

Session: What Value Does the IoT and Emerging Technologies Bring My Business

Date & Time: 10:15 am, June 18th

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand how the IoT could benefit your business

  • Are Emerging Technologies relevant to everyone

  • What is the post-implementation value realized

  • Incremental steps to a digital transformation

About the Speaker

Connecting People, Places, and Things more than twenty years with a mission to
create ecosystems that excel in innovation has been Kurt’s primary area of
focus. His tech career started with connecting People through local Internet
Service Providers in the 90’s; then he moved into IT consulting and begin
connecting Places. During this phase, the importance of connecting Things
became clear which lead to his migration into wireless. During his almost ten-
year tenure with Verizon, he worked with large enterprises, SMB and
government entities to solve challenges. Next, he joined Stream Technologies as
VP-Strategic Partnerships to drive adoption of their platform using cellular,
satellite and low power wide-area network (LPWAN) partners. This move
inspired a new awareness for the up and coming LPWAN connectivity market
developed to expand options and challenge traditional models. Upon leaving,
he founded Excelerated Technology Consulting to offer collaborative services
for strategy, modeling, customer development, manufacturing, distribution, and
go-to-market among others. In parallel becoming a co-founder and board
member of several additional companies. Additionally, Kurt enjoys regularly
educating audiences on next-generation technologies like IoT, IIoT, Blockchain,
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Having developed a deep
understanding of many markets and industries has produced a unique skill set
to both create and execute meaningful strategies for his clients and partners. 


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