Holly Dale

Security Operations Center Director at Armor

Session: Embracing Technology and Security

Date & Time: 8:00 am, June 18th

What You'll Learn:•
  • The key to ignoring negativity and stereotyping to embrace positive thinking
  • Discover the value that women bring to technology that differs from men
  • How to introduce passion for technology and security

About the Speaker

Holly Dale’s 15-year career in cybersecurity has led her to become Security Operations Center Director at Armor. Prior to Armor, Holly was a Senior Security Analyst, contracted to Oncor Energy. She has held several positions while contracted to the National Nuclear Security Administration under the Department of Energy (NNSA/DOE), including Information System Security Officer (ISSO) and Senior Security Analyst. Holly experience also includes Senior Forensic Investigator/Incident Responder and founding member of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Information Assurance Response Center (IARC), participating in multiple inter-agency cyber security task forces alongside city, county, state and federal agencies. https://www.armor.com/


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